Panipuri / Golgappa

Type:   Snacks

Bhind is widely known across the country for its association with one of the most yummy and mouth-watering street snack popularly known as Panipuri or Golgappa. Though this innocuous dish has its origin in the Magadh region, it is not an exaggeration that Bhind made it an addiction to the king and clown. In Bhind district, the making of crisp semolina and flour mixed puris has emerged as a cottage industry. Thousands of people are earning their bread and butter out of this street food. The innocuous deep fried small crispy puri filled up with goodies and flavoured water, and surprisingly cheaper in cost attracts the crowd, especially the women to relish. In India, from east to west and north to south, in every town whether small or big, the stalls and ‘thelas’ bannered as ‘Bhind ki Panipuri or Golgappa’ can be seen.