About District

This district of Madhya Pradesh is geographically known for its Ravines, Fertile land and dense Forests.Bhind was one among the 16 districts of United State of Madhya Bharat which was constituted on 28th May 1948. Subsequently, as a result of reorganization of States in November 1956, district Bhind became part of new Madhya Pradesh. Formerly there were 4 Tehsils viz; Bhind , Mehgoan, Gohad and Lahar but at Present there are 8 Tehsils viz; Bhind, Ater, Mehgaon,Gohad,Mihona, Lahar,Gormi and Raun. As per the History, the District is named after the Bhindi Rishi (Sage Bhindi).

It is well known fact that the region has been subjected to depredations of dacoits, robbers or thugs since ages. The majestic Chambal, surrounded yawning chasms and gaping beehads (ravines) provide an ideal setting to this murky banditry in a big way. Even during Mughal times the powerful administration failed to curb these menace. As many as 216 dacoits were shot dead and 697 arrested in Bhind district alone from 1959 to 1963.

With 14,28,559 persons living on an area of 4459 sq km, the district ranks 20th in population ranking in the State having about 2% of the state’s population (As per 2001 census). The Sex ratio of the district according to 2001 census is 829.Rural sex ratio is 825 and Urban is 843. The sex ratio is the number of females per 1000 males.

The soil of Bhind is very fertile and is well drained by the Chambal and Sind rivers and the tributary streams of the Kunwari and Puhuj.