Bye Election 2020

Manuals,forms and other information regarding Bye-Election 2020 Subject File/Link
1. All latest election manuals Link
2. All latest prescribed forms by ECI Link
3. Latest Electoral Roll Link
4. Links to important websites ECI, CEOMP, NVSP
5. All video release by ECI and CEOMP Link
6. EVM-VVPAT awareness material Link
7. SVEEP activities material Photos and Videos Link
8. Latest List of election officials Click here for more details
9. Latest list of officials of political parties Link
10. Details of EP and Gender ratio Link
11. Measure taken for Pwd voters Link
12. DEMP Click here to download pdf.(2 MB)
13. District SVEEP Plan Link
14. List of tender for election activities Go to Tender Page
15. List of AMF polling stations Click here to download pdf.(41 KB)